What’s Up on Sunday

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This Blog has moved: http://www.takaninichurch.org.nz/ Advertisements

Proposal to Employ a Part-time Community Worker

Today we had an open discussion concerning the leadership team’s recommendation we employ Garry Schache as a part-time community worker for tcc. Comments were very positive and we will make the formal decision at a special (and very short) church meeting on Sunday 17th February, as part of our regular worship session. We were set […]

Sunday 2nd September (Fathers’ Day)

A Father’s Charge To His Son (1Kings 2:1-12) David is “old”; he knows he is about to die. He gives some fatherly advice to his son. David’s charge to Solomon is: Be strong; Be courageous; Be faithful, and Take care of business.

Sunday August 26th

A Heart After God (2 Kgs 23:1-23) Why did Josiah’s reform fail? Because only a few really knew the Lord!

What’s Up On Sunday?

Sunday March 25th (10:00am) See Garry’s comment ( click on comment button) for details.