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Reading through the Bible : good habits

2011 has begun, and a whole new set of challenges awaits us. This is the year in which we will see more clearly what God has in store for our congregation. May we be open to run with the vision the LORD gives us. If you are interested in starting a through-the-Bible reading program for your daily devotional time, I recommend that of the ESV Study Bible. Their site can be reached at www.esvonline.org/devotions/esv-study-bible/ and my own Devotions site follows their schedule. My site is available at marmsky.wordpress.com and I update it daily with a devotional thought from one of the ESV texts.

This month we return to the preaching series on the OT prophets. The prophets were spokesmen for God. They displayed his reactions to the world, and to his people. If we want to know God’s heart, we need to watch the hearts of the prophets.

The course on New Testament Greek has finished, but if you are still interested in learning the language, it is not too late. All the course documents and videos are available online. Go to koinegreek.wordpress.com./

Tuesday nights in January we will meet for fellowship, teaching and prayer. This is a more informal time for us to encourage one another in our faith.

LORD, help us to enter into this new year with our eyes open, and ready to follow as you lead.


Jefferson Vann
Auckland, New Zealand


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