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Upcoming Events For September

CFFD: Sep 8

A South and East Auckland Christian Fellowship For Disabled meeting will be held at the Church beginning at 2:30pm on Saturday 8th. All welcome. A chance to fellowship and meet some new people. Bring a plate for afternoon tea. Talk to David for more information.

Constitution Change: Sep 9

• New laws require that the following clause be added to our church Constitution:-

“No member or person associated with the church shall derive any income, benefit or advantage from the church where they can materially influence the payment of the income, benefit or advantage except where that income benefit or advantage is deemed for

(a) Professional services to the church rendered in the course of business, charged at no greater rate than current market rates;

(b) Interest on money lent at no greater than current market rates.”

There will be a very short meeting after the service on September 9 to vote on this matter.

If you have any questions about this just ask Glenise.

Joy Ministries: Sep 16

• Joy Ministries is a Christian fellowship for people with intellectual disabilities. A team from joy ministries will take our Sunday service on Sunday September 16th.

Gideons: Sep 18

• The Gideons International will be taking the service at Christian LIFE Church on Tuesday, September 18th. Come and hear about this exciting ministry. Supper starts at 7:00 p.m., and the presentation at 7:30 p.m.

Baptism: Sep 23

• Rachel Burge is being baptised. On Sunday September 23rd, we will be having a baptismal service beginning at 4:00 p.m. followed by a shared tea. We have chosen the afternoon format because people from our other churches wanted to be part of the celebrations

Family Movie Night: Sep 29

• Christian Screen fund-raiser.Cliff & Leonie Ireland, and “Christian Screen (Audio and Video Ministry), are celebrating 35 years of ministry and 20 years in the Pacific. On Saturday September 29th, beginning 7:00pm at the Takanini Church of Christ (160 Great South Road Takanini), we will be holding a “Family Movie Night”. The movie is Joshua (www.christianitytoday.com/movies/reviews/joshua.html). Entry is by donation (Suggested donation: Adults $10, Children $5), which includes your snack pack of soft drink, popcorn and Jaffas. All proceeds will go to Christian Screen.


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